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We operates under the five thematic areas of intervention.


  • Good health and well-being- good health services including HIV, SRHR, TB and psychosocial support services for victims of gender based violence.
  • Children educational programmes on SRHR and gender based violence.  


To ensure quality education for all through:

  • Out of school educational services
  • Providing girls with dignitary packs to keep a girl child in school
  • Provision of school shoes and school uniform to the less privileged kids.

Good Governance

By ensuring that all public and governmental institutions’ policies incorporate the following:

  • Minimize the potential for corruption
  • Increases inclusion and the ability to benefit from diverse thinking.
  • Reacts to the needs of society, both now and in the future.

Environmental Governance

  • Policy, rules and norms that govern human behavior and it also addresses who makes decisions, how decisions are made and carried out, the scientific information needed for decision-making and how the public and major stakeholders can participate in decision making.
  • The plant a tree initiative together with the one home one garden initiative.
  • Through the Yonge Nawe initiative whereby working together with the community, Government and through sponsorships to repair the land and roads that are damaged by soil erosion.


  • Women and Girls Summits: whereby we capacitate them on personal mastery, gender equality, gender budgeting, women’s rights (human rights), Sexual Rights Health Rights, Gender Based Violence and HIV. Career guidance, encouraging them to choose careers on STEM.
  • Men and Boys Summits: We capacitate boys on positive masculinity through addressing the following topics by engaging in dialogues with them. There topics are gender equality, gender budgeting, personal mastery, human rights, Sexual Rights, Gender Based Violence, HIV and career guidance.